Statement of Intent  
                                     Living vicariously through my two dogs
Through illness I am no longer able to do the things that I used to enjoy. This panel shows how I live life vicariously through my dogs, Pippa and Penny. We take them to where we relax – out in the countryside where they can explore and have fun. They are free to run, jump, swim, and play (sometimes with friends) while we enjoy the outdoors. When at home, I get a sense of peace and inner calm through their relaxation.
My dogs make me happy. Their pleasure in life rubs off on you, they love unconditionally, they live in the now. They love activity and adventure, and they take me with them. They don’t have the worries of the world on their shoulders, once exercised and fed they are happy to relax at home and take it easy. My dogs aid me greatly in different ways in my life.
Since being diagnosed with a progressive auto immune disease and being forced to take Ill health retirement, their place in my life has become even more important and without any exaggeration keeps the quality of my life as good as it can be.
The presence of dogs in my life ensures that I get out of bed each morning to walk them with my husband, as I can no longer do this alone. They demand their exercise and that ensures I don’t give in to my illness and stay at home. Without a doubt my mobility and mental health would be worse without that commitment.
My aim is to show you with images captured on various occasions, a typical day in the life of our best friends. When outside they are full of fun, when back home they relax. This shows their enjoyment and the love I have for them.   
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